Click that box to go full screen so you can see better. But the problem is if you don’t buy right now, you’ll lose out on your BUY NOW bonus and won’t get any of the free stuff. uild your product conviction and enthusiasm for your Vector opportunity. (Be quiet and wait for answer), Ok, great! Please interrupt me at any point if you have questions about something you’re interested in. Note: this post was originally written in July 2016. You can get rid of all your old ones and give them to college kids, give them to Goodwill, give them to Salvation Army, or give them to a church. Pre-trained models. Ok, give me a second to calculate this. Do you mind if I tell you why I’m working with CUTCO? 1357 1. Smash your goals and compete with others around the world. That being said, if you see something you like, I’ll give you the best deal I can if you buy it today. What do you think of these? But the heart of a freerunner is strong, and so you break free. He wanted to stick out from the crowd and develop himself professionally. (Let them respond). We are available M-F 8am-7pm EST. In 2017, Vector Marketing paid $6.75 million to settle a class-action lawsuit with sales representatives who attended training but weren’t paid. IF PREVIOUS OWNER (Pieces): Basically you’d tell me how many knives you already have and how many slots you’d want in the block. Ok great! They all have 99.9% rating on CUTCO’s website. And again, there's no interest on that. They purchase this set and keep the blocks side-by-side on the counter. You can also join one of our webinars to get a live demo of what you can do with Graphic Tracer where you can interact with the host. Top training, top trainer! Trusted by the pros. You can try that set out today for only ___________. What about if we did this instead... [Rework Deal], Thank you for letting me go through everything. Scroll down and you can browse our most popular gift options, by price…, [If you have a customer that LOVES TO COOK or you think MIGHT BE A PROSPECT]. Enroll Now You can answer NO on everything and it won’t frustrate me, I promise. The goal of this course is to make your Vector opportunity as big as possible. Learn to do a virtual demo like a CUTCO expert. Would you ever consider upgrading your kitchen tools? Follow Instructions. The can opener has an iron magnet to lift lids. Transition – Thank you so much for taking the time to see my presentation. Mike Monroe is the Digital Strategy Manager at Vector Marketing. New: Digital Trainings for Your Professional Education! These are used by the US military. The Professional Spatula is for icing cakes or for reaching the bottom of really big jars. Learn to do a virtual demo like a CUTCO expert. Are you currently in the market for gifts? Compute the outer product of v and h and call this the positive gradient. Course questions? A few really cool things to know: 1) These are all real customers. Vector has over 7,500 customers spanning 72 countries. In addition to refreshing key points from your initial training seminar: ** Get exposed to new insights and new perspectives. I could spend 10 minutes talking about just these knives. With structured workouts and social group rides. (Go to Step 5), Ok great! This is what makes us a top-selling brand in North America. [Listen], And what are your LIKE TO HAVE pieces? Looking for contributors! Between the gear and the lightning bolt, you’ll see a little box. IF YES: These are the most overlooked thing that CUTCO makes. TIPS: Turn off HD if needed to help load faster. For general information about Vector, visit And it doesn’t change the Forever Guarantee. Looking for contributors to help build out the assistant. Why Entrepreneurs Get Their Start In Sales [], Building a Powerful Online Personal Brand [Early to Rise], 6 Ways Working During College Improves Your Life [Thrive Global], Why You Should Get a Summer Job (Even if Parents Don't Make You) [OnMogul], 5 Views on the Future of Employee Compensation [Forbes], How to Answer the "What'd You Learn At Your Last Job?" And there’s no sharp edges on the can after the lid is removed. 2020. In this totalitarian world freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. (Let them respond). Those are the same shears that cut the penny in the video. These are exclusive CUTCO / KA-BAR knives. Click the tab on the bottom that says: “Custom sets.". So I hope you like my presentation enough to tell some friends about me. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of solving a text classification problem using pre-trained word embeddings and a convolutional neural network. demo_vectors: 999 vectors trained on teaching evaluations; distend: Compress or expand a vector space model along a vector. A skill-based spectacle of the classics of old with a dash of retro charm and a heaping injection of kick butt adrenaline. The wine opener is 2 tools in 1. Armed with this information, you can pare the demo down to 2 or 3 key things and keep your focus on the decision makers in the audience. Vector Marketing Virtual Training How are the kids? And I can give you _________ for free. Go ahead and click the EXPLORE TAB. We do sell online and at COSTCO stores, but the most common way to buy Cutco is through representatives like me. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide! (CUSTOMER NAME), out of these three sets, which do you like best? At the very bottom, you'll see three tabs that say: "Cutlery Sets," "Set Photos," and "Custom Sets." If you’ve already booked a classroom training, we’ll contact you to discuss alternatives and the further procedure. 1) Essentials set, which is the smaller starter set, 2) Homemaker is the basic set and gets you all the pieces you need, 3) Signature set has all the basic pieces plus a few specialty knives. In addition to Mike's step-by-step training, you'll also hear quick tips from 15+ other experienced representatives. In February, we changed our Security Credentials to log in to VectorConnect. IF YES: Are you thinking of business gifts or personal gifts? Do demonstrations over-the-phone while directing customers to follow along with an online presentation. Learn more at The Vector Impact. Using the "All Products" glossary to answer questions about any-and-every product. What impressed you MOST with what you saw? Let’s go to the site so it can start loading – Vector is a quantity that has both magnitudeand directionin an n-dimensional space. Download 1,728 get free vectors. IF PREVIOUS OWNER (Set Owner): This is our best upgrade deal for customers that already own a set. magnitudes: Vector Magnitudes; nearest_to: Nearest vectors to a word; normalize_lengths: Matrix normalization. Your training sessions are designed to introduce you to the ins and outs of working as a CUTCO sales rep. Trust us: you'll learn a lot! And click on ACCESSORIES. SHARE ANY SHORT TERM GOALS (Fast Start, Scholarship, etc). He is a Christian, husband, dad, marketer, and wannabe triathlete. And if you stump me, I can text my manager real quick so I can give you accurate information. Which of these are your favorite? They might look small, but the table knives are #1 selling knife in CUTCO history. The website asks a few quick YES NO questions. Let me go through the rest of my presentation and see if there’s something else you might like instead… (Go to Step 4). You might have noticed the KA-BARs as well. Catch-up with them – nothing CUTCO related: Family – How are things? (IF YES: Read thru 5 Knives and the features of each). Question [Glassdoor], 6 Ways to Make Your Summer Job Work in the Fall [Buzzfeed], How to realize your Dream of Working Remotely [CareerCast], 5 Ways Leaders Can Create a Positive Work Environment [], How to close on the Signature, Homemaker, and Essentials sets, What to do (and say) if the customer says NO, Dropping down and presenting other options (without being awkward), Customizing sets (and calculating prices quickly), Presenting the full product line of gifts & accessories. (CANNOT be engraved). It should be ok if you’re careful. Get #VectorTrained Work remotely, earn pay raises, and get skills for life. No pressure. At the same time, the sets are a better deal. On the right you have our table knives. They’re the same quality as CUTCO and were rated by Home & Garden Industry as the #1 trusted garden tools. All these knives come in different handle colors for different reasons. Each setting comes with four pieces (2 spoons and 2 forks). These are the special deals for our custom sets... Let's start here: what are your MUST HAVE pieces? Those are some of our bigger sets. So you can cut before you serve something. The 5 piece set includes the pruners and the free, green garden bag. The demo creates a dummy binary classification problem with just eight training items. But what are your thoughts on that? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Of course that'll be the knife that costs the least. There's only one final section and then we’ll wrap up. The entertainer pack includes the veggie peeler, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter, and the soft grip cheese knife. With Vector AI we were able to solve a difficult problem using powerful vector-based technology. Phone time not included. I’d love for you to follow-up with me later. Everything is Forever Guaranteed. The steel goes all the way to the bottom of the handles. Zwift is virtual training for running and cycling. Of course they make a great birthday or Father's Day gift. Third deal is to spend at least $125 and get an ice cream scoop or veggie peeler free. I’m going to show you our product, our sets, gadgets, gifts, outdoor items, and maybe even our cookware. Thanks for your request. Yes, you can buy pieces. Master drift and upgrade your fighter to become the top pilot in the galaxy, or team up with up to three of your comrades and decimate the enemy. Let me show you the rest of my presentation. Recreation – What are your plans for the summer / season / upcoming holidays / etc? People replace their low quality brand items with these because they last forever. IF YES: These are the only garden tools that are guaranteed forever. I told you I would get you the best deal that I could. (pause). 6:55 - Ever eat watermelon in the summer? As a Vector Marketing sales representative, you will have the option to meet one-on-one with potential customers either in-person or virtually through our virtual demo. Let them respond after each set (Don't mutter. And you can get $150 worth of free product when you buy this one. Try free for 7 days. Everything I'm about to show you is covered by the same Forever Guarantee. iOS and Android compatible. I’ll skip the stuff that you have no interest in and I’ll tell you more about any products you might like. And they’re a lot safer than loose knives in the drawer. It actually looks really cool. ** Add another tool in your sales arsenal (working remotely). Getting started (Code download) Download the latest latest code (licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0). And both of these can be engraved and wrapped as gifts. Apply Now! IF YES: The back and serve set includes the Professional Spatula, Turn n’ Serve, and Slice n’ Serve. They’re discounted, they’re safer, and you can get free stuff. This is our completion set. [Essentials - $113 Homemaker - $268 Signature Set - $402]. Congratulations, you will love your CUTCO! Of course not. The fork is for hot dogs, marshmallows, and turning steaks. "The Vector ASPICE training was very helpful, understandable and well structured. And the turner is your burger flipper with a leather strap for hanging. Cutco is one of the only products that you buy once, use every day, and never have to replace. For a low monthly price you will get personal athletic training that you can do at your convenience. Then I’ll place the order for you and email you a receipt. Look for "Clone or download" I'm sure you already have a drawer full of these. IF YES: These are the only outdoor knives that are fully, Forever Guaranteed. This means that the simulation time of the demo version does not necessarily correspond to … [ 6 , 7 ] Later that year, they faced another class-action lawsuit by division managers who felt they should be compensated as employees, not contractors. Do you know anybody that hunts, fishes, or likes pocket knives? Look at the black bar at the bottom. All right, let’s watch this first video together. The AtBot LUIS Demo App is a trained LUIS model with a few intents that can get you started building out an Intent Vector. Click here to learn more. Even our outdoor products are guaranteed forever. The Turn n’ Serve is shaped like a square for brownies. Complete, end-to-end examples to learn how to use TensorFlow for ML beginners and experts. So what I’d rather do (even if it means you spending less) is show you some other options. Does this mean I can no longer do in-home presentations? The yellow accents make them easy to find in messy soil (or in the dark). Most people have cheap stuff they bought or old stuff they never upgraded. Almost everything we make can be custom engraved. We have a BUY NOW bonus where if you buy that set today, I can include the _________ absolutely free. And you'll even field train sections as Mike records real presentations with live customers. On the left you have our steak knives, like you see in restaurants. CLICK HERE TO OPEN CALCULATOR TAB, IF NO- Ok, no problem. We have smaller sets and other deals that we’re currently running. The data is artificial but you can imagine it represents a problem where the goal is to predict if a patient will die (-1) or survive (+1) based on numeric scores of a blood test, a heart test and a lung test. CUTCO will only partner with brands that are the top in their industry. Click on Cookware Tab. There's three pieces in the set and they all have the perfect length to hit the back row. Do demonstrations over-the-phone while directing customers to follow along with an online presentation. You can drive over them with a car and they won’t break (I’m not recommending that, of course). This is our wine opener and can opener. If you are not able to get complete discovery information before the demo, be sure to do discovery during the demo to make sure that you are covering exactly and only what is important at the right level of detail. Go ahead and click the EXPLORE TAB. Pampered Chef, OXO, Tupperware – those are good, but they aren’t forever. Be silent after you ask). We can basically see it as an arrow: ———>. 4:10 - Ever see a drawer like that before? No knives, rope, leather, or printed training manual required. Some of them have had CUTCO for decades. And all these knives can be engraved as gifts. Do you ever get tired standing in your kitchen? Great. They’ll ask, ‘how’s school?’. Most people don’t know that CUTCO owns KA-BAR. Sat 16 July 2016 By Francois Chollet. Unlike wooden tools, you can leave them outside year-round, and they’ll last forever. Is that something you could see yourself doing? Or would you rather see pictures? They’re most commonly used with glass or ceramic serving dishes. Let me know when that loads. Let’s talk about table knives and steak knives. You must create a Username and Password to access your account. Go ahead, turn up the sound, and press play…. And please interrupt me if I lose you or if the site slows down / stops loading. Would you like to see a chart? Great! (pause) There’s a lot to cover, so please don’t look ahead. We're opening Vector AI for early access. 2) Notice the Forever Guarantee. Let me know when that loads. RedVector, a Vector Solutions brand, is the leading provider of online education and training for a wide range of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, industrial, facilities management and IT and security. See the slideshow? (Acknowledge what they say then continue). Files for vector-demo, version 0.3.1; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size vector_demo-0.3.1-py3-none-any.whl (4.7 kB) File type Wheel Python version py3 Upload date Mar 28, 2018 Hashes View Want to make the set cheaper? Your next step is to prepare you to get the most out of training so you can hit the ground running. And click on BEST DEALS. Let me show you the smaller sets and if none of them appeal to you, we can pick out whatever pieces you want… (Go to Step 4). Any interest in something like that? Do any of these look like something you’d want to check out? But you can use it for eggs, too. I also don't want to accidentally leave anything out. Every sale helps towards my goal, but I don’t want you to buy from me just to be nice. This demo is simply an endpoint you can use without having to … And to be honest, it felt great. And if you do choose to get something, I’ll get you the best possible deal. Let me show you everything at once. They’ll run you about a hundred bucks, but they’re like standing on a cloud. ** Build your product conviction and enthusiasm for your Vector opportunity. These replace your butter knives as the every day, every meal knife. CUTCO has been around since 1949, has over 17 million satisfied customers, and sells over 200 million in sales every single year. If you want to save money, the 4 piece includes just the tools for about a hundred bucks. Like I said when I set up the appointment, you don’t have to buy anything. It’s made of 18/10 stainless steel, so you’ll never have to polish it. Second deal is to buy 3 and get the 4th knife free. The table knives come in the block sets. Download 28,812 training free vectors. Pets too. “This is the other way that CUTCO owners can upgrade. :). This is every day flatware. Occupation – How’s work? Please let us know what time works best for you. And you can stand it upright on the counter so it doesn’t roll around. Each item has three predictor values, and the class to predict is encoded as -1 or +1. Do you want to watch a 2 minute video on these? Live Demonstration & Training Webinars Every Graphic Tracer subscription comes with a 30 day free trial. My whole presentation is online. The time management is done with Windows timers, so it cannot be assumed that the time behaviour of the full version will be the same as of the demo. Which could you see yourself using? This complete training (designed for new representatives) covers: Are you an experienced representative trained on in-home presentations? © Mike started working at Vector Marketing in 2000 as a student at Boston College. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. It is now mostly outdated. Have them visit -- but place the order through you since you can give the best deal. No knives, rope, leather, or printed training manual required. We have provided around 100 pre-trained sketch-rnn models. Use the vae model if you plan on using latent vectors, otherwise use the gen models. Sell CUTCO to anybody, anywhere, through any medium. What type of cook are you: do you cook because you have to, because you like to, or because you love to? Good flatware isn’t cheap. Please see this example of how to use pretrained word embeddings for an up-to-date alternative. Vector Marketing's Virtual Demo. So I know this presentation may not mean a lot to you. From h, sample a reconstruction v' of the visible units, then resample the hidden activations h' from this. What do you think. Let me go through the rest of my presentation and let's see what's most practical right now… (Go to Step 4), Ok great!

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