Arunachal Pradesh long has been a recognized region of the Indian subcontinent. The land of the state of Arunachal Pradesh is being resided by a number of tribes. History of Arunachal Pradesh About the origin of Arunachal Pradesh, the earliest citations are found in the prehistoric epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana and other spiritual legends. History of Arunachal Pradesh . The history of Christianity in Arunachal Pradesh has been traced back as early as the arrival of Mrs. C.A Bruce in 1834 and Rev. The major songs that make the music of Arunachal Pradesh are: Baryi- Baryi is a tale that sings the praise of glorious historical past of Arunachal Pradesh. Music of Arunachal Pradeshhas a distinct flavour. It is mentioned in such ancient Hindu literature as the Kalika-purana and the epic poems Mahabharata and Ramayana . The historical characters, such as Princess Rukmini, King Bhismaka and Lord Parashuram, were reported to … Till 1972, Arunachal Pradesh was known as the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA). Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh came in several waves of migration. Apart from that, there several sports played in Arunachal Pradesh … Individual tribes usually settled in isolation… The terrain of Arunachal Pradesh is difficult and there is difficulty in acquiring resources. There are numerous traditional sports in Arunachal Pradesh, which play a major role among the native people of the state.The state, being a hilly area, is not suitable for the sports, which are played in plains. Indo-Mongoloid tribe’s account for 68% of the population. They opened schools for the native of Sadiya and neighboring people from the hills such as Adi, Khampti, Singpho and Mishmi. Arunachal Pradesh is a land of diversity with over 26 tribes and 100 sub-tribes. As far as religious affinities go, Hindus are the biggest group with 37%, followed by 36% animists, 13% Buddhists. Traditional Popir dance of the Adi Tribe. Where: Adi-Pasi, Arunachal Pradesh, East India Cultures: Isolated hill tribe with strong dance culture and food traditions Joining in: Be sure to try the tribal delicacy – roasted rat Where It’s At. It gained the Union Territory status on January 20, 1972, and was renamed as Arunachal Pradesh. The evolution of political structure started with these settlements. Culture Facts. Nathan Brown, the first American Baptist Missionary who reached Sadiya on March 23, 1836. In modern times the region fell under British rule. Only less than 10% of its population is Tibetan. The themes are animals that emphasizes moral conclusion. Among the traditional dresses of Arunachal Pradesh include shawls, wraps and skirts. Arunachal Pradesh receives 2,000 to 5,000 millimetres (79 to 197 in) of rainfall annually,[43] 70 – 80% obtained between May and October. Arunachal Pradesh has a very interesting population mix. There are actually many. Almost all the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh have their myths and legends. It consists of songs that are sung like fables. History of Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh, the north eastern state of India is popularly believed to be existent since the pre-historic days of … The rest are migrants from Nagaland and Assam. People here love their traditional costumes and are proud to showcase them on each and every occasion that comes across.

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