Learn how your comment data is processed. The mere fact that it costs more than other cameras makes it feel more desirable to many consumers. Till now I’m happy and satisfied with my D7100 🙂. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There seems to be two main selling points in my eyes. For that matter, even the zeiss Milvus 35 is cheaper than Nikon 35. Nov 27, 2020 at 01:08 PM So until the D500 drops in price, then it’s really not an option. It's a 60% price hike, but it got a nice bump in quality that might matter to me. If my battery is showing 90% charge after 290 clicks, then it's feasible I may see Interestingly, although the Nikon D5 is a much more expensive and higher-end camera, it has no support for flicker reduction when shooting stills, so this particular feature is exclusive to the D500 … Why would I? I’m not sure if it’s too close to the D7000 though. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. They seem to be making great cameras and lenses. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.  I don’t shoot video either, so any improvements in that area would not be a clincher for me. I am an active hobbyist, shooting about 75 photos per week on the average. Shouldn’t they be more concerned about what I think of the physical product, i.e., its reliability, quality, etc? For example, a top-of-the-line 50mm F:1.2 DSLR lens currently marketed to professional photographers by Canon is priced at approx. I agree about the lenses. “That’s it…you are on the slippery slope to financial ruin!”, he said. The fact is that, for over 100 years, many Leica cameras have been made, machined and/or assembled by hand at its Willy Wonka-like factory in Wetzlar, Germany. Given the rise in shipping prices, that's likely to pay off by producing more high The truth is that modern marketers want your feelings to be held captive to a brand or logo. Is a $2,300.00 50mm F1.2 mirrorless lens that much better? If I’m not mistaken, Nikon’s is the shortest, so that’s why you could mount a Sony FE or Canon RF lens on Nikon Z, and maybe you could mount a … Heck, the D500 even shares some of the same components as … So, in a nutshell, if you want the more compact DX-format, then select Nikon D500.  Now, the infra red control is not necessarily the best, but it generally works. I am also quite happy with the 80-400mm AF-S VR, but it is an older design by now and better lenses are available. I’m sure the D500 will drop in price, and then if I haven’t bought anything it the mean time, I’ll reconsider it. The images on this page (shared by Leica Rumors) attest to that fact, as they illustrate the new Leica SL2 being painstakingly produced by hand – right down to hand-placing the signature Leica red dot on the front of the camera. The newly released Nikon Z6 & Z7 and Canon R mirrorless cameras retail for well over $3,000 with a basic kit lens! Heck, the D500 even shares some of the same components as the D5 for less than 1/3rd of the price. Can anyone claim the the Rolls Royce Phantom the best car? So £1729 for a processor upgrade is a lot of money. I feel no need to upgrade anytime soon.  Really??? Cant speak for Z6, but XQD is the reason why my D5 can I’d like to stick with DX format because of the lenses I already have, If I bought a D750 then I’d have to buy new lenses too, which is (including the D750) totally outside my budget lol, since they’re not really cheap or anything haha. http://robertscamera.com/ 1-800-726-5544 On the flip side, if you would rather have a complete framework, then D750 is the selection.  I use the pop up flash on my D7000, in commander mode to trigger my SB910. It was a highly rated entry-level model made by Nikon more than a decade ago. Just about any DSLR camera made in the past ten years will meet my needs. Why Sony doesn't use XQD/CFExpress in the A7 and A9 Series is a mystery to me - the camera should could benefit from their superior performance.  Maybe Fuji…. A cheaper option would be the SU-800 but then I’m buying old, if not soon the be obsolete technology. If you had  Abandon Nikon altogether and go a different route. However, the 50mm F:1.2 lenses that will be part of the new Canon R mirrorless system marketed to consumers with generally less demanding needs will cost $2,300.00. That is why I think the D500 + 500mm PF should be a great choice. Photographers waited years for this camera. Granted that iPhone is more than a camera but when comparing camera only, the D3400 is vastly superior. Yet Nikon recon 1200-1300 clicks with the Li-ion20 battery on the D500 and so many people are reporting they are getting that on their cameras. All that really matters is how you feel about your purchase. The Nikon D500 is a great camera and anyone who purchases it will really enjoy using it.  The updated processor would probably be worth it because technology moves on, and hopefully I would see better results (Although I’m still amazed at what my D40 can produce). Most of mine are DX lenses. What brings this to mind are the shockingly high prices for newly introduced consumer-oriented ‘mirrorless’ cameras and lenses by Nikon and Canon. “When it comes to luxury, being unique is what counts, not any comparison with a competitor.” – Marketing To A High-End Consumer, Using The Luxury Strategy, Entrepreneur Magazine. Would I buy any of the expensive mirrorless camera systems being introduced this year? It would be impossible for me to justify such a purchase.  I also read somewhere that they have delayed shipping, due to over demand. The question is itself questionable in the sense “what is best for some” may not be “the best for other”. Why is it so expensive? Nikon's full-frame DSLRs cost a lot more than its DX models. The Nikon D3400 is £295. (I There’s also another option. It is certainly very expensive, if not the most expensive. Full frame is great, but if you are a photographer who likes to zoom in, then the DX may suit you more. Before getting creative with photography, shooting black and white photography, or dreaming of taking beautiful pictures of Pakistan and the world, make sure you … The iPhone 7 It is a personal preference and depends on your interest level, experience, passion and the  Half-a-thousand pounds for a Speedlight! In the days of film cameras, 50mm lenses were the lowest cost lenses made and practically given away as part of a kit with new camera purchases. I just had a look at the dollar price of the D500, which looks like it roughly $2k, which at current exchange rates works out at about £1430 – which would seem a more realistic price to me. Camera manufacturers are moving away from marketing new camera models as professional photography tools for consumers. ShunCheung said: ↑ What is still not clear to me is whether Nikon will make a DX version of that Z body similar to the DX D500 vs. the D5 and D6. So, in short, if you prefer the smaller DX format, go for Nikon D500. For almost the same price as the relatively basic FX-format D750, you can get the high-spec, high-performance DX-format D500.So … Nikon’s D500 is an enthusiast DSLR that truly impresses. $1,500.00. If I shoot an occasional video, it is done with a smartphone. I guess I will keep researching… an changing my mind… and researching… and wondering what’ll be out next! D500 REVIEW!! Now, they want you to see your camera purchase as an aspirational lifestyle choice. So, I saw the D7500 as a sweet upgrade, pretty much in every single aspect from my current body, but then I also saw the D500. It’s also a reason not to completely change to another brand, although if I did, I think I would be a lot more realistic about the lenses I really needed for what I want to do. If you shoot sports, birds, wildlife or . The 300mm/f4 PF is also great, but I find it a ( Log Out /  The real problem I see is for off camera flash. Change ). ( Log Out /  The cost of specialized lenses for these new cameras is just as extreme. Surprised? Let me take a stab here … The iPhone 7, 4.7″, 32 GB retails for £549. I’d like to upgrade my D7000 to “something”, but it doesn’t look like the D500 is an option. The more you pay, the better you feel. Chances are if you’re reading this article, that may be true of you as well. Well, the flower and vintage car photos featured on this page were shot this month with a 16-year-old camera I purchased used for $49.00 (Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro) along with a used lens (a Nikon 75-300mm F4.5-5.6, made in 1989) purchased for $65.00. buy your D500 from Roberts Camera!! I don't push my A7R3 as hard as I do my D500 - and hence so far have Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The 10 FPS is great if you are into sports photography (which I am, but not to a level I would ever need 10 FPS). ( Log Out /  Will it take better photos than less expensive cameras? You’re right about the D7200 being the more appropriate upgrade.  I like portraits so this would seem to be a good combination and I have a FFS to go with my DX sensor. ( Log Out /   Well I reckon a D750 body, which is a lot cheaper, and an 85mm 1.8, would do the job for me.  Which means replacing the SB910 with something else… Ah yes, the £499 SB5000. For the average snapshooter, the difference in performance is negligible. Even the 16-80mm isn't fixed f/2.8 so can't really be Some grew so tired of waiting that they Why New Mirrorless Digital Cameras Are So Expensive SplurgeFrugal — Posted on 2018-09-07 — 3 mins read I have only purchased one new camera in …  The D500 doesn’t have a pop up flash, but uses radio instead. They claimed the cause was an early generation of EN-EL15 batteries and offered to replace these incompatible batteries with a newer, more harmonious version for free. It’s a personal preference and depends on your (And before you say, I will offset some of the cost by selling the D7000, a) I’m terrible at selling anything, b) I’m not convinced my D7000 works properly as I do seem to have the back auto-focus issue, so wouldn’t sell it). From the scores and reviews it seems that sigma and tamron are really good lenses. Sizing the Nikon D500 vs. D7100 Digital Calipered SIZE DIFFERENCES! And it's got one super-major advantage over the D90, which is its flip-out screen. The outlier, the 17-55 f/2.8 is from when Nikon only made DX sensor DSLRs. If you drive an expensive BMW as a lifestyle choice, shouldn’t your camera also reflect your aspirations? Your emotions can so often compel you to pay far more than you should for a product, much to the modern marketers’ delight. (If the camera isn’t overpriced, the flash certainly is). That’s strange, I thought. So what’s the alternative. “Marketing attempts to manipulate you into spending on something that, if you considered all the relevant factors, you wouldn’t spend on.” –Marketing is Evil, Psychology Today.  It’s good that Nikon finally have a replacement for the D300 but the D500 doesn’t seem to have the features to warrant the price. Will spending $3000.00 for a camera make you a better photographer? XQD is expensive because it's designed to be fast (440MB/s write). It is also expensive because there are a limited number of manufacturers - namely Sony and Lexar / Delkin. That’s what my friend inferred when I bought my first DSLR. I’m primarily a landscape photographer and have a beautiful 36MP full-frame Nikon D810, and my eyes were firmly set upon the D850 in the not too distant future. Only time, and my bank balance will tell. Original price of the D300 was $2499 so for $500 cheaper you get higher resolution, higher frame rate, much higher usable ISO, better weather sealing, higher processor throughput, auto lens focus adjustment, increase DR, increase color depth, much better focus speed and more focus points… And the alternative to a D500 is the D7200 which is also the more appropriate upgrade from the D7000 than the D750. It’s good that Nikon finally have a replacement for the D300 but the D500 doesn’t seem to have the features to warrant the price. Most things are more expensive in the UK though. And i couldnt understand why Nikon Lenses are significantly expensive. It delivers the excellent image quality one would expect, but it introduces several new tech that makes it a joy to use. Yeah, I know, the DSLR is so much more expensive to produce, especially if the production runs decrease. I’d like to upgrade my D7000 to “something”, but it doesn’t look like the D500 is an option. On the other hand, if you prefer a full frame, then D750 is your choice. No. D500 battery issues aren’t a new thing; in 2016 Nikon acknowledged the fact that in some situations, Nikon D500 cameras weren’t drawing all the power from batteries before proclaiming them dead. Way less expensive and even more so when the 9FPS cost of the D850 is taken into account I really enjoyed the D850 but in the end sold it in favour of the D500. If you feel that it is worth more than it is! As old as these photographic tools are, they remain very capable. Will it make you a better photographer? In filling out the warranty card, I found one of the questions on the form rather peculiar. I guess Nikon considers fast zooms "professional" and wants to sell them for professional prices.  If that’s true,why does over demand delay shipping? In the Nikon line-up I’d look at the D500 and D750, both under $2,000 and amazing cameras. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ihave only purchased one new camera in my life (all others have been purchased used). Yes…we all want new stuff. I’m actually really excited for the Nikon D500, but indeed it’s so expensive and a d750 is also a really great upgrade from my D7100, though I’m satisfied with the D7100 it’s just in my blood that I want the new stuff haha, but I’ll think I’ll wait for the D500 to drop in price, I don’t think it doesn’t take that long before it drops in price. It asked: How does the Nikon brand make you feel? From my 15 minutes or so tinkering with it, I think the D5000 is really an awesome camera — it's fast, it's small and it takes gorgeous pictures. Nikon is looking to improve its margins and maintain revenue. Nikon D500 The first truly “pro” camera on this list is also Nikon’s most expensive DX camera at $1500 (check current price), the Nikon D500. This year, that means shipping fewer units, so the units need to be more expensive. You can find excellent manual focus 50mm F1.4 lenses easily on the used market for under $100.00.

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