Channel Islands National Park is a premier destination for whale watching. The boat anchors at the smallest of Anacapa’s three tiny islets, a mere third of a square mile in size. All of the above outfitters offer guided single and multi-day trips to some of the Channel Islands. We made it - and got the Park Passport stamp to prove it! What we offer you is unique and effortless access—to wild beauty and pristine nature— for 5 days/4 nights, using our ship as a base … Booking Your Channel Islands Kayak Tours. Southwind Kayaks in Irvine; Aqua Adventures in San Diego To my knowlege, these are the only places in SoCal where you can rent a closed deck boat. Island Packers offers tours that give guests a chance to see gray whales as they make their annual migration from late … Even on the L.A. River. Situated between 12 and … The Channel … Brendan has also led kayak trips to Black Canyon on the Colorado River, Anacapa Island, the Channel Islands, and Bahia de Los Angeles. Is it worth to do it without being on a tour? Though most of the islands are accessible year-round with advanced planning, Santa Barbara Island is inaccessible during the winter months. A number of commercial outfitters run kayak tours to the islands. The campground has an Upper Loop and Lower Loop. Close to the mainland, yet worlds apart, Channel Islands National Park has come to be known as “the Galapagos Islands of North America.” With more than 100 species of flora and fauna unique to the five volcanic, windswept isles, visitors are virtually guaranteed a memorable experience. Keep … So the first step in planning a visit is to select an island. All the group sites are in the Upper Loop and this area is further to hike to. There is also sign that ancient man was here 37,000 years ago, and a couple of human bones on the islands are 13,000 years old, making them the … However, if you rent or bring a kayak… Paddling From Mainland To The Channel Islands - Since the channel crossing to get to the islands is 11 to 20 miles and crosses major shipping lanes, I don’t recommend paddling from the mainland to the Channel Islands. Whales and dolphins put on quite the show for guests who board the tours that sail between Ventura County Coast and the Channel Islands. A number of commercial outfitters run kayak tours to the islands. To get the most of your time, join a kayak tour of the Channel Islands… While some of the waters surrounding the islands are best suited for experienced kayakers, others are beginner friendly. The Channel Islands Kayak Center features a host of kayaking activities, from local kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals, our family friendly History and Wildlife kayak adventure tour, as well servicing rentals and guided kayak tours to the world famous Channel Islands! First, decide how long you want to stay. Read up on all of the fees involved in a visit to the Channel Islands. According to VisitCalifornia, Channel Islands Adventure Company is the best option for booking both a private or group tour. The northern coast of Santa Cruz Island (the side you see from the mainland) is said to have more than 100 sea caves. First-time visitors often select the … Sea Caves and Kayaking. Nearby Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, is famous for its sea caves. The islands are Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. She survived 18 years alone on the island before a ship picked her up and brought her to the Santa Barbara Mission in 1853. Channel Islands makes for a great day trip destination, but it’s also possible to camp on the islands if you wish to stay longer. Choose when you would like to make your way back to the mainland, and the site will calculate your balance. Only weeks after her rescue, Juana Maria died from exposure to mainland germs. I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or tips on a multi-day multi-island trip and if kayaking between the islands is doable (for 2 semi-experienced kayakers). Channel Island Kayaks. With its clear waters, its dramatic topography, and wealth of wildlife, Channel Islands offers some of the most rewarding sea kayaking anywhere in the world. A boat takes guests to a safe drop off point on the island where they get into a kayak and paddle from there as kayaking from the mainland is definitely not recommended due to it being a busy shipping lane. I'm in the process of planning a 3-day weekend trip to the Channel Islands. They are formed of eight islands, five within the Channel Islands National Park. Kim spent a summer as a sea cave kayak guide at the Channel Islands National Park after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Anacapa circumnavigation - I have kayaked all the way around Anacapa Island (all the islets) in one day – about 15 miles. However, since the channel crossing to get to the islands is 11 miles and crosses major shipping lanes, I don’t recommend paddling from the mainland to Anacapa. Everything from chilled out sit on top paddling in sheltered sunny bays to sea kayaking the tide races (experts only please) our islands … Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary encompasses 1,470 square miles of ocean waters surrounding the islands. The best way to get up close and personal with these famous caves is to travel by kayak. Although it’s possible to kayak to the Channel Islands from the mainland, the journey is very rigorous and should only be attempted by very experienced kayakers. The tragic and fascinating tale illuminates the human and natural history of the Channel Islands. Closest to the mainland of all the Channel Islands, tiny Anacapa is only 12 miles/19.3 km out to sea, and hence the most visited: the boat ride over takes about an hour, and you can explore the entire island in just a half-day. Still, while researching options on the Park website, it became clear that we would need a guide.One of the attractions of kayaking at Channel Islands National Park is exploring sea caves. You will want to stay at Santa Cruz Scorpion, part of Channel Islands National Park. We stayed the the night in Ventura Harbor at the Four Points by Sheraton, … While the mainland visitor centers in Ventura and Santa Barbara are readily accessible by car or public transportation, the islands are only accessible by park concessionaire boats (Island Packers) and planes (Channel Islands Aviation) or private boat. I have been visiting Channel Islands National Park since 1987 (and have been a kayak guide there since 2003), but I had never really explored and birded the volcanic archipelago in depth until 2001, when I circumnavigated the entire northern chain of Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel islands in a kayak—a 10-day, 175-mile trip. Prime snorkeling spots include Anacapa’s Landing Cove and Santa … Many people reference Catalina Island when they hear about the”Channel Islands.” While Catalina Island is a Channel … Although it is possible to do a day trip here, I recommend spending at least one night in order to get the full … Instead, consider taking a 1-hour boat ride from Oxnard to Santa Cruz Island. Note that many depart from the mainland. We kayak on a high alpine lake during the summer and are quite comfortable paddling. Today she lives in Santa Barbara managing that same company that leads tours out at the islands, so she has a ton of local knowledge.

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